How to Train a Dog

How to Train a Dog 5 basic Dog Commands to Teach

How to Train a Dog: 5 basic Dog Commands to Teach

Dogs are the best companions one can have; you must have heard the phrase As loyal as a dog. Keeping a dog as a pet, brings joy in your life and ofcourse, you have a great friend! No loneliness anymore! However sometimes, these dogs can be a threat to you! Maybe they can harm your guests, because for it, they are just strangers, or maybe it feels uncomfortable in certain places, so why not train it?

Training obedience to your dog is one of the most important step you must take as soon as you keep one as a pet.

Why to train your dog?

First of all, it’s a two way benefit; it will be good for you as well as for the dog. When you’re going to train your dog regularly and spend more and more time with it, you’ll understand it’s needs and wants better; this will make you a better owner  and you’re going to take care of it in a better way! Secondly, how will it benefit you? Once you train it, you can take it to different places easily and it is going to be easier for you to handle it as well; Since the dog will be knowing how to behave in front of others!


  • During training, never punish your dog! Don’t ever go for physical violences or any other sort of thing that makes the dog angry or hurts it! Just say No generously and continue!
  • Similarly, when your dog shows any improvement keep on rewarding it; this will encourage it to perform better! These rewards can include his favourite food, any toy or take him to his favourite place.
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Now, what are the five main main basic commands that you must teach your dog?

Here you go!

1. The Command to Make the Dog ‘Sit’

Train Your Dog to Sit on Command

Now training the dog to sit is a little bit easy as compared to other commands. Take a reward treat and show it to your dog placing it in front of his nose and tell him to sit. It may happen that your dog raises his head up, so guide him with another hand and tell him to sit! When he sits, say Sit! Then give him his reward! Repeat it several times and you’re going to get successful!

2. The Second Command is ‘Come’

Train Your Dog to come on Command

For this command, you’ll need to put a leash and a collar on your dog. Take the reward treat in your hand and say come while pulling the leash. Once he comes to you, give him the reward which will encourage him to put more effort and keep on repeating the process daily!

3. The Third Command is ‘Down’

Train Your Dog to down on Command

This is a quite difficult command and is not that much easy as the other commands. Take a good or strong smelling reward treat and hold in your hand with a tight grip. Make your dog smell it and then place your hand in the ground. Your dog will move his head downwards. Then gently slide your other hand on the floor so that his body also follows his head and moves down. Once he’s bending down, say Down. Keep on repeating it to make it perfect!

4. Then Comes The ‘Stay’

Train Your Dog to stay on Command

This command is very much easy. Remember that this command can only be trained when your dog is perfect at the sit command. Ask your dog to sit and then open your palm and say Stay! Move one step backwards; If your dog doesn’t moves, reward him! Keep on repeating the process but every time keep on increasing your steps.

5. The Fifth One is ‘Leave it’

Train Your Dog to leave it on Command

Imagine you’re going on a trip and your dog wants to eat an eye catching berry that is poisonous! You say leave it to your dog but he doesn’t listens cause you haven’t trained him! This command can be useful in such circumstances!

Firstly, hold a treat in your hand, show it to your dog! Once he sees it and wants it, close your fist tightly and say Leave it. Your dog will keep on barking and barking for that treat but at last stop and will look at you! Eye contact is must! Once he stops barking for that treat and is having an eye contact with you, say leave it and give him a better treat! This will make him realise that when you’re saying leave it, this means that he’ll get something better if he actually leaves that particular thing. Keep on repeating the process with different treats!

So, these were some 5 small basic dog commands that you must train your dog regardless of his age and temper to ensure that he proves to be the world’s best pet! All the best!

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