Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas
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The answer to “can dogs eat bananas?” is affirmative. Bananas can be fed to your dogs. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before bananas can be fed to your dogs.

Bananas should be eaten in moderation only. Although bananas are a powerhouse of several minerals and vitamins, however, they are loaded with sugar and should not be fed to your dogs constantly.

You must consult your veterinarian before you feed any human food to your dogs. A few things to be mindful of, before you feed bananas to your precious dogs, have been discussed below.

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How Are Bananas Beneficial For Your Dogs?

Bananas are filled with beneficial vitamins and are, often at times, recommended by vets as a treat. High in potassium and containing a very low amount of sodium and fat, bananas are a wonderfully healthy treat option for your dogs.

Loaded with fiber, bananas are amazing for your dog’s digestion and will rectify all gastrointestinal issues. It also has magnesium that is known to help with bone growth and helps in absorbing vital vitamins and proteins for its growth.

In a nutshell, bananas are a wonderful snack option for your dogs when eaten in moderation.

How Are Bananas Dangerous For Your Dogs?

Bananas are loaded with sugar that could be potentially dangerous for your dogs if consumed in large amounts. It can lead to several problems, including tummy ache and weight gain. However, these problems will only develop if you feed an excessive amount of bananas to your dogs. However, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, bananas are very high in fiber that can be constipating for the dogs, it is eaten too much at once. Also, some dogs cannot properly digest bananas.

Now it is a given that banana peels should not be fed to your dogs. The peels are not toxic, however, dogs cannot properly digest them which can lead to several problems.

Your dogs also might be allergic to bananas. So if any of the symptoms develop in your dog,  including swelling, breathing difficulties, coughing or sneezing,  you should immediately stop letting your dogs eat bananas and then contact the Vet instantly.

How Should You Give Bananas To Your Dogs?

You always need to contact your Vet before you give any sort of human food to your dog. The vet can guide you on the right amount and method of feeding human food, including bananas to your dog. After you get the Ok from your vet, there are different methods of feeding bananas to your dog.

You can freeze the bananas and feed them to your dog as a healthy summer snack. Not only are they extremely easy to make and can also be a great reward during training sessions. You can also mash the bananas and incorporate them in their food or you can blend it up to make a smoothie. This can be extremely useful in sweetening any bitter meal for your dog.

Another great way is to smash the bananas in your dog’s toys and let your dog fetch it. This will provide them with some much needed physical and mental activity and will also lift them up when bored or depressed. You can also add them in dog’s treat recipes. There are many treat recipes available on the internet. You can add bananas to peanut butter or add them to yogurt. However, you should always contact your vet before letting your dogs eat these treat recipes.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you do not feed your dog banana flavored products. These are loaded with nasty chemicals, preservatives and lots of sugar.


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