10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

While buying a pet dog, the first thing that comes in our mind is, ” Training” which ofcourse means that you’ll want to buy the pet that’s easy to train, can capture things in a better way, can understand your commands! So here we have some 10 dog breeds that are easiest to train!

When you adopt a dog, you have take care of his diet, his health, make sure he’s exercising and also you need to give him a lot of attention. Moreover, while training you have to take care of your dog’s physical and mental health which has a lot of affect on your training! Imagine you’re having fever, will you be able to do your homework or listen to your teacher’s lectures all the time? Will you be able to concentrate? Ofcourse not! So if your dog is not well, be patient and let him take his time!

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10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

1. Border Collie

Border Collie-Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

These type of dogs are highly active and keep on working; Workaholic. When it comes to exercising, they are so energetic that they’ll need regular exercise so that they can burn their energy! If you, as a pet owner want to play energetic games with your dog, you may prefer this. Other than that, they can learn things easily too!

2. Bernese Mountain Dog


These dogs are very gentle and tolerant, they can understand things in a better way as compared to other breeds.

3. Havanese


Havanese dogs need a lot of attention to behave properly and they also need company! The pet owner shall make sure that he’s letting the dog socialise.

4. Border Terrier

Border terrier-Easiest-Dog-Breeds-to-Train

Border terrier loves to please the owner so if you’re the one looking for the dog that easily learns house manners, I’ll suggest this one! It can easily learn the basic house commands.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd-Easiest-Dog-Breeds-to-Train

These kind of dogs can be trained to a great extent as they have been previously used as police dogs as well as for military purposes! They can learn a lot of tricks and commands, when it comes to intelligence, they’re best!

6. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher-Easiest-Dog-Breeds-to-Train

These kind of dog breeds are very aggressive but this agressivenesss is due to their love for their owners. They are the examples of loyalty since they cannot tolerate anything against their owners; Other than that, they are very affectionate and can be trained easily if given proper and continuous training.

7. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever-Easiest-Dog-Breeds-to-Train

Golden Retriever is the type of dog that’s fond of learning and can easily catch up things you teach. In addition to it, the dog is patient and loves the owner a lot making sure that the owner is happy with him. The people looking forward to train a guard dog, this one is not for them; these dogs love interacting with others/ strangers.

8. Papillon


These dogs enjoy playing and love to do a lot of exercises. Although, they are known to be very stubborn but at the same time, they can learn things very quickly! They give immediate responses as well!

9. Boxer


These dogs are considered as the best ones for your children as they are playful and very intelligent. Not only this but they are even tempered and can learn things easily!

10. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd-Easiest-Dog-Breeds-to-Train
Credit: Unsplash / Maud Slaats

Like border collies, these dogs can learn things in less time and are highly energetic which makes them capable of learning more tricks easily! These dogs shall be given more time to spend and play, otherwise they can cause a lot of destruction!

No matter how much easier to train breed you take, you’ll need to give a lot of attention and hard work! Be patient and hope for positive results!


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