How to Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone

How to Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone

How do you feel when neighbors complain to you about your dog’s barking? That sounds really awkward when you have been told that your dog is always barking when you are at work.

Obviously, you also don’t want to listen to his barking if you were in your neighbors’ shoes. Being a responsible owner of your dog, you must ensure that your dog’s attitude doesn’t influence your neighbors negatively.

Furthermore, leaving your work and staying at home all day just to please your dog isn’t the right solution. His annoying barking has to end from the root. Right?

In this blog, we will let you know about how to stop dog barking when left alone. But before starting, you should find out the possible causes that make him barking. The possibilities can be sounds and sights coming from outside, boredom or anxiety. Or it is more likely that your dog doesn’t like his new home or a different routine.

However, we would let you know about some activities that might solve your problem. Let’s begin!

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How to Stop Dog Barking When Left Alone

Begin with exercise:

One of the main reasons behind your dog’s frustration is his neglect of daily exercise. Many people don’t believe that young dogs need enough exercise regularly. You should make your dog do vigorous exercise for more than two hours a day. Wake up earlier in the morning to get your dog a boosting workout. He will get tired and as a result, he sleeps all day.


Training is another way to stimulate your dog’s body and brain. You cannot complete this task when you are at your job, but you can go with evening or weekend training sessions for your dog. So that your dog can get enough exercise to stimulate his mental health. Even it will strengthen his body power.

Reduce Sounds and Sights:

This solution would be easier for you. If your dog can get access to the windows through which he can see everything, you can place curtains so that he cannot see outside’s activities. Dogs feel relaxed and comfortable when they don’t see anything. Their mind also gets out when their sights get out.

Allow your dog to do different things when you are outside:

You can provide him with food puzzle toys so that he attracts them and start extracting kibble out of these. Make sure that these puzzles don’t stick anywhere which persuades him to do severe demolition for getting it back to him. You can also purchase toys for your dogs to let him do fun throughout the day.

Leave your dog inside:

Do you have a fenced yard at your house? If yes, then you might get a perfect solution. You don’t need to leave your dog outside. Instead, leave him in his fenced yard so guarding his territory will be his job which he loves to do.

Observe if this is his new attitude:

Mostly when dogs are getting older, their hearing sense, their eyesight, or even their mentality deteriorate, and they start developing anxieties. Don’t forget to provide your dog with a soft bed so that he gets enough sleep all day. You can also try some mental exercises because it’s more likely that your dog needs brain exercise rather than physical.

Additionally, you shouldn’t leave your dog alone at home for a longer period because when they feel bored, they start barking due to their frustration. You should try to understand your dog’s needs. Looking at him after properly and giving him his favorite food can relax his mind and body because the dogs also take care of their owners and that’s true!


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