How to Train an Older Dog?

How to Train an Older Dog

Training a pet doesn’t depends on it’s age or his type but it should be the first step a pet owner might go for, after taking care of one! Training ensures that your dog is safe wherever he is! It makes your bond even stronger because you get to know your pet in a better way; his likes and dislikes. Whether your pet dog is a puppy or an adult, training cannot be ignored; Infact, training an adult dog is more easier than a young one because an adult dog can handle itself in a better way! This article is mainly for the ones who have any queries regarding how to train an older dog and what things to avoid!

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How to Train an Older Dog?

There are basically 4 things which according to me are very important to be discussed while training an adult dog; How to go for training?

1. Be a little bit patient while dealing with the tricky commands.

When an adult dog comes to a new place, it will surely take some time to adjust since he’s new to all the things and surroundings. Give him some time to make himself familiar with his new home and treat him gently; Try to give him enough time to forget the old house and get adjusted in the new one. When teaching different commands to your adult dog, you may observe a slow pace but this fact shall not let you loose hope! Don’t give up so easily, keep on working hard and try all the possible methods; books and Internet have enough tips! Be a little bit patient; Since he’s an adult,  he’ll be experiencing these training sessions for the first time! So be as gentle as you can!

2. Keep on rewarding him with treats that he loves.

While teaching the commands to your adult dog, make sure you keep on rewarding him with his favourite treats. Some dogs are food oriented so you can hide their favourite food in their crates! When they’ll get their rewards, they won’t get bored while following your commands and infact, this will encourage them to keep up this good work. In addition to it, your pet will love you more, once you keep on giving him his favourite treats. Toys can be a kind of reward too!

3. Treat it as a young puppy and you may use a crate.

The fact that it’s an adult dog shall not confuse you! Treat him as a young dog, Although he’s grown up but of course all this is new for him just like it would be for a young one. The best thing is to use is a crate; When you’re not at home, he should be kept there but make sure that the crate is large enough for him to live happily! It should  be large enough so that he can stand properly and also move comfortably! Decorate it with cozy blankets and fluffy toys!  If your adult dog is new to crate, make him go inside by placing his favourite food inside.

Things to remember;

  • Never punish your dog by putting him in this crate for a long time; He will start disliking the place.
  • Since your dog is adult one, he must be having control over his bladder unlike the young ones, so no need to worry.
  • At first, make sure that your adult is inside the crate for short periods; it will take some time to adjust himself!

4. Keep your training sessions short.

In the beginning, it may happen that your dog gets bored doing same things again and again. Also that, different kinds of dogs have varying attention spans. Along with that, you aren’t sure about your dog, so it’s better to teach them not more than 20 to 30 minutes. Keep on increasing the time span weekly.

So these were some tips on how to train an older dog, and yes! While training, take them to the places where there is no kind of disturbance so that they don’t get distracted and is able to pay attention on your commands. Good luck!


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