How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over?

How to Train a Dog to Roll Over

How to Train a Dog to Roll Over?

Teaching your dog how to roll over should be the next step after training them the 5 five basic dog commands of training. It’s a really cute and proud moment when you command something to your pet and he obeys you, specially the command of rolling over, bringing you more closer to him and appreciating him. Here we’re going to discuss about how to train your dog to roll over and what are the benefits of training them?

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What are the benefits of teaching your dog these small tricks?

  • Random benefits.

When we hear the word teaching, the first thing that comes in our mind is, Teacher. How can we relate here? A teacher spends his time in teaching the student and understanding him in a better way, about his attention span and how quickly he can grab the things! When you teach your dog something, you get to know him in a better way, which will ultimately make you the best owner! Apart from that, your dog will be knowing how to behave in a public place and within hearing your single command, he’ll obey you.

  • Flexibility and exercise.

Your dog can can perform better than others once they have the built up stamina and concentration skills! Training is is same as exercising and your dog gets active when you continuously command him to do this step and this!

Pro Tips:

  • Keep on changing the reward treats cause rewarding your dog with the same treat may bore him and he might loose interest in following your commands.
  • If your dog is not able to catch your commands quickly, don’t get angry on him. Instead, be gentle and keep on working hard. Don’t give up so easily.
  • Don’t go for punishments; it’s an animal and may get far from you.
  • Don’t take your dog for training to a place where there are many people because he may get distracted while seeing the others playing and this may cause lack of concentration.

Steps to make your dog roll over

1. Before going for the rollover command, be sure that your dog is perfect at the down command. Ask your dog to perform the down command.

2. Once he’s down, hold a tasty and his favourite treating your hand placing it close to his head beside his nose. (The treat can be a toy too.) After that, move the treat from the side of his nose to his shoulder which will ultimately cause him to lay flat with his head lying on the floor in order to take the treat. Give him the treat and can keep on doing this step for several days once he’s perfect at it and is laying down on his side!

3. Continue the step further by moving the treat from his shoulder to his back causing him to roll on one side. Then, move the treat in other side causing him to completely turn over following the treat. When he has finally complete one rotation of turnover, say ‘Roll Over!’ and give him the treat! Keep on speeding up your hand motions and make the dog so perfect that he rolls over on just this single command.

So, these were some 3 single steps to carry while training your dog to roll over. Don’t forget to appreciate if he improves and take him to his favourite place after the training sessions.


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